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Welcome to the website that belongs to you--the Decatur Farm Homeowner. Using the links to the left you will find a wide variety of information about your community and your town. On the Amenities page, you will find the hours of operation of the pool and clubhouse as well as information on how to reserve the clubhouse for your private events. The Calendar and News pages show you all of the upcoming events for Decatur Farm as well as local events. On the Committees page, you will find links to various Decatur Farm HOA committees and their
responsibilities. Contact numbers and websites for local emergency services providers, utilities and tax offices as well as schools, churches and much more can be found on the Local Info page. A full color map of your community can be found on the Map page.

The Agenda button will allow you to view the minutes of recent Homeowner's Association Meetings. You can find a recent copy of the bylaws on the Bylaws page and any forms that you may need on the Forms page. Do you need to contact the Homeowner's Association Board members? Simply click on the Contact button and you will be provided with an e-mail address that goes to all of the members of the board.

Are you looking for information for the Decatur Farm Townhome Sub-Association website? You can find it here.

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